As microchips get smaller and smaller, won't single event upsets (SEU) caused by cosmic radiation get more likely? Are manufacturers putting any thought to hardening the chips against them?

Intel refused to support ECC outside of the server space

Are you sure about that? or since when?

I had a home PC on ASUS CUV4X-D mobo, wasn't even server grade, ran dual Pentium III 1GHz with 4GB of Registered, ECC PC-133 SDRAM.

Just for the sake of to have dual core home PC during pre-dual core processor era. Ohh the bootdisk was an 18GB SCSI Cheetah X15 plugged onto an Adaptec SCSI AIB, it was a beast system at that time, the sound of the X15 spinning up was a music to my ears. Good moments.

Yes those are server grade parts, but I bought them 2nd hand except the mobo and CPUs which were just consumer grade parts from local shop, I was a student back then.

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