Microsoft Adds Marketplace and "Minecraft Coins" to Pocket and Windows 10 Editions

Please stop blaming Microsoft, it is not Microsoft's fault, they have been doing a fantastic job working with Minecraft. Simply because you don't like the concept of a marketplace doesn't mean the developers of the FUCKING GAME are suddenly selling out.

They are not, monetized content has been in the console versions of the game for years, I do not get the freak out.

I have mixed feelings about this marketplace addition, they are a few constructive arguments that this is not a good step in the right direction. I also see a lot of comments simply bashing Microsoft because they don't agree with this Marketplace. There are a lot of over dramatic replies even including such absurd thoughts as they are going to be making us pay for updates.

Calm down guys, this is not affecting the game in any sort of way other than aesthetically, and you can continue playing Minecraft as it was meant to be played. This isn't pay to win, you know, the actual game is still playable normally. Besides, the majority of people that frequent this subreddit are Java players.

Besides, the blame for this shouldn't be put directly on Microsoft, hell, there shouldn't even be a blame at all. As staff member HelenAngel puts it, Jens makes the final decision whether or not something should be implemented into the game.

And frankly, /u/jeb_ is a pretty cool guy.

In conclusion, I think we should all stop freaking out, and maybe see how the Marketplace goes over, and if it receives overly negative feedback, I'm sure Mojang will make an official statement.

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