MicroVision Investment Thesis and Summary of DD and compelling events

There is nearly non-existent revenue on the patent portfolio. Some of the patents only have a couple years left because the company is 28 years old and has been floundering around losing $600M of shareholders capital. You could say the patent portfolio is valuable if it actually produced revenue and profits, but the reality is that the patent portfolio produces barely any revenue and results in losses and will continue to do so for a long time.

MVIS has no product or IP that they can demonstrate will result in substantially higher revenue or profits at all. They won't even be able to demonstrate the liedar until q3/4 maybe.

From Sharma at the earnings conference call:

"I would now like to briefly update you on our exploration of strategic alternatives. I believe, our technology and products are at inflection point in multiple verticals. I want to emphasize that the Company remains committed to exploring all strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder value. In October 2020, we set the objective to complete our lidar product and said having hardware that can be productized would be an important step for evaluation by potential interested parties.

We completed that objective in April as planned and are prepared to support any potential evaluation of our technology and capability to scale. As I shared earlier today, I believe our sensor technology is differentiated by features that will potentially be recognized as disruptive in the market. I have shared with you that I believe consolidation in this space will continue and signs of this are starting to become public. I believe Microvision needs to continuously build value with our products, roadmaps, and partnerships, while also exploring strategic alternatives."

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