Middle aged men in enmeshed relationships with their moms

I mean, I can't really judge, either. I'm 36 and live with my aging mother because I was stupid and took out 80k in loans for a master's degree in history that I realized was useless about 7 years ago and became a retail worker instead. She cannot really afford her house, so we split with her paying the mortgage and me paying the utilities, the phone, the cable bill, plus helping my mom with whatever random bill she gets because she's absolutely terrible at money due to her gambling addiction. I'm considering going back to school for a paralegal certificate to try and make a bit more money. My sister wants her to move in with me and I'm good with trying to find my own place (I have enough right now that I could cover the first and last month's rent of a 1200 apartment) but my mom doesn't want to do it because she doesn't like my sister's husband.

If you didn't know the actual situation, you could think I was just mooching off my mom. My siblings thought this until my mom pointed out that I'm paying anywhere from 550 to 750 a month in household bills. I'm really not getting any kind of free ride, at all. If I left, my mom could not afford to live in her house.

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