Middle-class jobs fall short: 62% fail to support lifestyle in US

Chevy with full steel construction that looks like a rectangle, you don’t mean an old plastery mid-century modern home in a suburb full of identical houses, you don’t mean a project management job at a mid-ranking urban-based finance company. The lifestyle of now would be, in those terms, a highly-automated electronically-guided car which is so safe you can survive a head-on collision, a highly-designed well-insulated and efficiency-focused home, and a tech job at a company which provides good benefits and a decent salary.

this is the dumbest thing ever. you obviously can't compare 1960s technology to 2010s technology. a better way to compare is: # of cars owned in 1960 compared to now, # square feet of a house owned in 1960s to now, the purchasing power of your salary in 1960 and now

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