Middle class struggles are now threatening the global economy

I'm over 40. Over the years I have seen a few people retire, live out the remaining part of their life and die. Some had nothing, some enough and two couples that had a lot.

They all ended up in the same place. One of them lived to be in a nursing home and ended up at a Medicare only facility because they had no money left to their name.

Unless you go suddenly, nursing homes will drain you. The shittiest ones are 4-5k a month plus medical bills. The ones that don't drug you up and let you out of your cell sometimes are more.

My great uncle had a fairly large amount of money. He had a stroke and was confined to a wheelchair. Decided he did not want his daughter to take care of him. Went to a nursing home that was very nice. My mom told me at one time it was 15k a month, but that sounded too high. He recovered a lot over 2 years. He actually ended up moving home. After another year or so he had another stroke. His daughter put him in a crappy place to try and "save him" money. He never recovered this time, but lived for 8 more years. He only lived 6 months after his money ran out and he got moved to a home for people who only have Medicare.

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