Middle classes losing out to ultra-rich

well, the freedom to go about their unemployed, hungry business without worrying about being rounded up by government forces on a revolutionary hunt comes to mind. or, in areas no longer in government control but are being contested by the various violent revolutionary groups that will spring up in the event of the breakdown of the social order, the freedom to go about one's hungry, unemployed business without being impressed into service (on pain of death) by fascist revolutionary group A. or of being summarily executed two months later by communist revolutionary group B for being a dirty fascist collaborator when they run the fascist revolutionaries out of town

also, I bet you any amount of fucking money that after the social order breaks down, government and revolutionary forces alike will prove themselves to be a pack of torture happy, murderous rapists

maybe you think you're incapable of doing that sort of thing now. you'd never do such things! nor would your revolutionary buddies. and here I'd like to say "well, we'll just see about that", but honestly I hope we all have the good fortune to never really know

.... just, if ever you DO find yourself torturing someone who's most likely innocent because your outfit is offering to trade food for information regarding government/rival revolutionary spies, or sinking your dick into the bruised and bloody body of a collaborating/fascist woman while 4-5 of your brave revolutionary buddies hold her down - try to remember what I said here today. and how sure you were that it would never happen

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