Middle fingers to the law

They are fire retardant, Fed Law enforcement does not have a “police uniform” like you see with locals and state thereby this is their uniforms, it’s light breathable material that does not contribute to heat exhaustion, the material is easily cut allowing for quick and easy access for medical care, the government already has existing contracts with the providers which in turn is a cost saving to tax payers.

If they were in an MRAP you people would be crying that they could “do the same thing in a minivan” but since they were in a minivan “they shouldn’t be in a minivan”. If they were plain clothed you people would be saying “they’re not even in uniform” yet when they put on a uniform: “they’re scaring us”. Lmao you bitches are so fuckin soft it is INSANE.

Don’t destroy federal property and you will never have to worry about these terrifying men picking you up off the street. These idiots aren’t dealing with the untrained day local cops anymore, these are HIGHLY trained professionals and they are not to be fucked with, plain and simple.

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