A middle-ground way to make pathfinder achievements a bit more palatable

As for reputation from dungeons, I can see both sides.

In the Burning Crusade, when reputation with most factions came from specific instances tied to those factions, that was logical and a reasonable way to put time into something to earn it, but you could grind it indefinitely, and therefore some people felt like they had to. It gave a short-term advantage to no-lifers and long-term led to burnout. In Wrath and Cataclysm it was not logical - why should Ironforge care about me beating up vrykul in Utgarde Pinnacle? - and also, when combined with the dungeon finder system and the fact that older dungeons have become trivial to solo, much easier than in the past. Blizzard would never intentionally design a system that encourages you to hit the 10-instances-per-hour limit, for very good reason. In MoP, Legion, and BfA (WoD was inconsistent), reputation mostly comes from repeatable quests that we actually do for members of the faction. It's logical. The fact that it's time-gated has never been a problem for me personally. I can understand why it would bug some people, but all kinds of things in this game are time-gated, so I don't understand why this particular kind of it is objectionable.

Overall I prefer the WQ and Emissary system of reputation to any of those. Grinds or daily quests are all right for some things, but I'm glad the default is "here's a random faction, just do 3 or 4 quests with them to get 1,500 rep and other rewards too, you have a bunch of WQs to choose from, if you want to keep going for extra rewards then you can but you already got the biggest chunk of rewards you're going to get." Lots of variety, easy to do the "chores" and move on.

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