Might have accidentally gotten myself extremely high. anyways, got a question, what are your most memorable stoner snacking choices?

I will never forget the second time I ever smoked. As some bad ass kids we were we used to steal quarters out of the laundry room at the apartments. We got $10 in quarters together and bought a dime. My homie was dating his neighbor at the apartments. She had a kid. We were in her living room smoking and they put on some weird ass movie where some dude taped up his house because he was on meth and thought bugs were getting in his house. The weed hit me hard af, mind you I didnt really feel anything the first time so this was new to me. She had some blinds that you twist open, well they were suppose to be closed but the light was hitting hard through the cracks. Then my jaw felt like it dropped on my lap. I was tripping off that for a while going in and a out of it trying to remind myself it's just weed it's not real. So my homie sees I'm trippin right, and hes like ay man you should probably eat something to bring your high down. He hands me a box of animal crackers and says just eat a handful. I didn't hear that part. I start grubbing on these crackers like I was in the desert desperate for water. Then her kid comes out of his room to see what his moms doing. He looks at me and then the box of animal crackers and he starts crying. I didn't realize I ate the whole brand new box of his crackers I felt so bad. I bough him a new box the next day, with quarters obviously but I still made it right. Never had animal crackers since.

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