Might it have been better for Undertaker’s overall career if he had not had the two HBK Mania matches?

When Taker had these matches he was in his physical prime, he could have great matches regardless but he was also in the ring with the greatest sports entertainer ever,that made it 10× better than any match he could have had with anyone else and these type of matches comes around once in a decade(hit the jackpot twice in WM 25& 26).I dont think Taker Realized that.

Taker's body deteriorated so much in a short time, The physical style of the matches after Shawn's matches definitely took their toll on him.

He is not that same Taker that Leaped out over the ropes into the cameraman,he have to come terms with it. I hope he will have that one last match against AJ and will be satisfied enough to call it a day.

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