This might be stupid. New Mac owner but how does the mini/ studio work?

The mac studio is a desktop tower, you still need a monitor, keyboard and mouse like you would if you bought a traditional pc desktop.

The mac mini is also a desktop tower, just smaller and less powerful than the mac studio.

The iMac is an all-in-one solution that combines a monitor with a built in desktop computer. You cannot detach the monitor aspect of an iMac and use it for another desktop computer, because it is not a normal independent monitor, it’s a computer.

If you want a “dumb” monitor that has no computer built in, you would buy any traditional third part monitor like Dell, Acer, HP etc. and connect it to your mac studio or mac mini. Or you can purchase Apple’s own fancy “dumb” monitor, Mac Studio Display, and pair that with one of these desktop towers.

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