I might be way off base, but I consider terrible car seat usage to be neglectful.

I see it CONSTANTLY. Driving is the most dangerous thing we do daily, yet 9 out of 10 car seats are improperly installed in thre car and/or the child is improperly restrained in the seat.

Make a comment about the straps being loose, or the child needing to be rear facing, or the straps being twisted, and you'll end up in an argument with the parent. It doesn't matter how nicely you say "your kid is in danger," people don't like to be told they're doing something wrong with their kid.

The response I get most often is "mind your own business. I know what's best for MY child because they're mine." Clearly this is not true when car accidents are a leading cause of death for kids of all age groups.

These are the same people who make judgmental fb posts about how shitty other parents are when they make a mistake and lose their child. Anytime a baby is left in a hot car, these shitty car seat parents are in the comments railing someone whose child is dead, saying they'd never make such a mistake that put their kid's life in danger.

I need this rant out of my system. This is a touchy subject for me. Tossing your car seat manual in the garbage and winging it when installing it then putting your kid in like in the picture is downright neglectful and I'll be glad when the laws start enforcing better car safety.

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