Might as well become a douche

I suffered from the "nice guy" disease when I was young, I didn't want someone just to fuck or anything like that just desperately (which was obvious haha) wanted someone special to share my life with. Unfortunately it took me a couple years to realize that you can't put people up on pedestals and expect them to see you as an equal. When I started treating women like I treat my male friends everything became a lot easier and relationships were much easier to start. I still end up doing all the over the top romantic stuff that's considered "nice guy" or whatever but that was only after a relationship was established, showing them I was doing it for them and not for the lure of sex (because sex was already regular) makes it clear the motivational factors are genuine and the action doesn't have some ulterior motive driving it.

Don't take this as me defending the "nice guy" practice it's stupid and a lot of them are terrible stereotypes but some of them are genuine people who just got sucked into a bad thinking process when it comes to the opposite sex.

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