MIL In The Wild: Facebook Stalker edition

Not even a little passive aggressive.

I'm not going to fight with you over what was clearly an horrible experience for you. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I dealt with multiple suicide attempts from my husband and so many thing I can't even begin to tell them all to you from his mother.

That being said, calling someone down for choosing to protect their children after a decade and a half of those behaviours is not okay. We don't shame people for the choice to go NC or LC, or to keep trying to mend the relationship. That is their choice, not ours.

I have cut off from my own mother and her siblings because of her mental health issues negatively impacting my life, and there is not one single chance in hell that if I had kids I would allow her near them, or to ever set eyes on them.

That is not for you or anyone else to judge. The people here have gone though what they have gone through, and we give support. We don't tell them they're doing things wrong or that their MIL is right, or they grandparents have rights, or they should do this or that.

If you can't be supportive or helpful, just scroll past.

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