US military veterans and active personell who still support the GOP after 217 out of 222 republicans voted to cut veterans care. Why?

Because the left is its own worst enemy when it comes to anti-rational extreme political discourse.

Same situation on the right (regarding its discourse being its own worst enemy), though I vote Dem because no "both sides" are not the same. The RNC actually is an extremist party at this point, while the DNC mostly lip services the far (American) left but in action is still a conservative capitalist party. Also, while both sides are corrupt, the right is absolutely corrupt and completely morally bankrupt.

But people underestimate the damage done by the left's anti-rational ranting that tries to cancel its own '90 percenters' and is hyper-focused on societal rage bait especially in relation to race and gender. And there's the backfire effect of suppressing open discourse about it. I saw this meme posted yesterday, and now [Removed by Reddit] for "violation of its content policy".

The left's political discourse and self-cancellation makes it extremely easy for the right to frame the left as irrational extremism. If your social circles and information bubbles emphasize and reinforce that take, and that's your understanding of "the left", it's just as easy to assert a skin deep claim that Dems are a bunch of irrational newspeak extreme communist nutjobs as it is for the left to post a bunch of videos in 'proving' ACAB.

We live in a post-truth world, and the left is just as guilty as the right of trumpeting its least rational and most fallacious manipulative aggressions from the rooftops. If "both sides" are unwilling to police their own discourse, it makes it easy to claim both sides are the same and force most people to rely primarily on socialization to determine and reinforce their political outlook.

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