The "millennial" generation is not as bad as people want to claim and their faults are mostly due to the generations who complain about (and raised) them.

If you think that I am defending people who made bad choices and blaming it on the people who raised them, then my point is going WAY over your head. I am talking about social learning - what people are taught by the institutions they are raised in (school, sports, jobs, etc.).

If a snowflake wants to get themselves into $100k debt for a gender studies degree, work as a barista and tweet about politics and how everything should be free, all while occupying a bedroom at their parents's house because they made some shitty financial choices, that's on them.

I don't know what "responsibility" anyone is attempting to transfer, but at least in my situation, I can give a lot of credit to my parents for raising me correctly and not allowing me to be one of the people referenced in my previous paragraph. My education is paid off, I purchased a house in my mid-20s and I have a strong work ethic in my chosen career.

If anything I get the "millennial" ridicule for being frugal and smart with my money. I don't subscribe to cable television and I don't care about owning "stuff" because I prefer less clutter. I have a decent size house but not too large of a yard (which is only really criticized greatly in America I believe) and I use whatever equipment my work provides me with, without spending my own money.

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