The "millennial" generation is not as bad as people want to claim and their faults are mostly due to the generations who complain about (and raised) them.

A load of pish, dude.

You're on Reddit: The the millennial circlejerk of the internet. Every popular sub is plagued by us enlightened millennials pointing the flaws of older generations and the infallibility of ours.

Previous generations grew up without exposure to the internet which has innovated the way that members of our generation can find any weightless topic to flog like a dead horse then pin on other generations.

Millennials didn't create warning stickers on albums either, ostensibly the OG trigger warning. However, those with media and political presence are calling for banning free speech. That is, not warning people about content but actually prohibiting it.

That said, I'm with you on your last point. Millennials had the best of both worlds, experiencing a pre computer mediated communication era while getting the full benefits of that era as they reached adulthood.

As for what future generations will complain about, my money's on our wilful ignorance of social economics for propelling divisive and bigotry-fuelled cultural reform.

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