Millennials report: Increasing technology could decrease unemployment

“Millennials should take a good look at the skills and education that the workforce demands and choose a pathway that will provide economic stability and happiness,” said Tom Allison, policy and research manager at Young Invincibles, a national nonprofit group.

I could not have come up with a better vague statement

predicts future jobs will require increasing education and comfort with technology. The organization suggests that by 2020, 65 percent of job positions will require post-secondary education.

ROFL. No shit future jobs will require comfort with technology. Post secondary education in general, like training, sure, but college?

Unless its computer science probably not required

“Entering the workforce during a recession and in the years following can haunt a generation for decades, triggering lower wages and slower career advancement,” Mr. Allison said.

Finally, a reasonable statement that makes sense

Mr. Allison’s report suggests the increasing digitalization in the workforce may alleviate millennial unemployment.

Unless they can outsource the labor, or a very lucky few can automate the whole "digitalization" of an industry

What Mr. Allison seems to be saying is that young people's familiarity with tech will get them a job.

That is simply not true. I see thousands of people every day familiar with using twitter and social media.

But when it comes to really using those tools to do anything, or creating new tools, the potential workforce is much, much smaller.

If they want tech proficiency, they should teach it in schools.

It comes down to a lack of computer and technology related education in schools. Sure, you know how to use office. But do you know how to set up a Wifi network? Or how to not get spyware and viruses on your computer? Or how to troubleshoot a non working computer?

Skills like that are whats needed, not just software proficiency. (Believe me, i've even met a few CS majors in college that don't know how to put together a computer. Phenomenal at coding, but don't know how to fix a broken computer or install a graphics card)

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