Millie McKenzie: I hope people don’t think they can get away with going under the radar for a few months then popping up somewhere. All PREDATORS need to go. You have no place in wrestling anymore. The fact people still may idolise these predators is disturbing and it needs to stop. 2/3

Yeah, there are some truly horrifying, sickening stories. Things that point to a rotten core of this industry that needs a deep cleaning out. There's clearly a culture that takes advantage of young women, and accepts abuse of them. There's clearly many men with deeply warped opinions on what a healthy relationship looks like, who need to be nowhere near a position of responsibility.

But as you say, some of the things that are coming out are nowhere near as severe and I don't think count as abuse (happy to be told I'm wrong if others disagree).

Whatever happens, a safe, respectful culture must be built and maintained. I genuinely don't want to go to another BritWres event until I'm a bit more confident that real change has happened. If that means removing all those names to achieve that, so be it.

But I imagine there would be an acceptable amount of common sense that would be applied for any cases that weren't abusive, but maybe the person was just a bit of a dick. These seem to be in a tiny minority, so I don't think they should take the lion's share of the focus, but they are there.

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