Millionaires: Is being a millionaire everything you dreamed of when you were broke?

On paper, I am easily a millionaire, not counting my wife’s equity. Well-funded 401K, own a small commercial building free and clear that I run my business out of, house paid for, and we have an almost-paid-off rental property. We had some excellent years in the past where we made decent money

Right now I am basically treading water. I drive a 15-year old truck, my FT business sucks due to Covid/changing market, I teach part-time but the money isn’t great and the work is dangerous/stressful (flying instructor). I am essentially uneducated, no degree. If my house wasn’t paid off, I’d be in deep shit. Thank god my wife has decent health insurance thru her work.

I should be OK when I retire, but that’s a minimum of 10 years out. Next few years could be interesting.

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