Milo Yiannopoulos Was Kicked Off Patreon After One Day, Is Still in Millions of Dollars of Debt

Gay Jewish Right wing provocateur. Hates political correctness attempts to dispute some of the myths that left wing media perpetuates. Goes overboard in pushing back against the inherent hate toward white men, gamers, and conservatives that the pc culture, sjws, (radical) feminists, and extreme left wing espouse.

Often rails against comments made by these groups by disputing them factually mixed with snark and insults. He's mean and kind of an asshole so he's perceived as a "literal nazi"

Talked about his experience growing up as a gay man and spoke of a "positive experience" he had as a 14 year old with a much older man. Was promptly accused of being a pedophile apologist. (Anytime someone calls anyone a _______ apologist - it's almost always bullshit.

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