Min/Max Wild Shape Build for Solo Play.

Some explanations for things some people might be wondering about:

Stats: Strength is considerably better for most forms than Dexterity, and you have spells like Legendary Proportions that give insane bonuses to Strength. If you went Dexterity you would need an Amulet of Agile Fists, so it also opens up an item slot. Finally, remember bites and slams are Strength x1.5 so the damage is higher. Plus, the Strength Mutagen doesn't decrease Wisdom, another important stat.

Race: Plumekith Aasimar enables you to get Wings later on, plus the bonuses in Wisdom and Dexterity will increase your AC considerably. The Alternative would be Human getting Strength as main stat. That would give you 20 more skill points and open up 2 Feats at the cost of 5AC and Resistances. I didn't feel like the tradeoff was worth it.

Skills: Perception and Trickery are absolutely required in this game. 1 in Lore Nature will be enough to always find 1 ration while hunting. 3 in Mobility for fighting defensively. 18 in Use Magic Device will put you at +19, so that means you can never fail to activate a wand in battle. (Remember that you can't use wands in Wild Shape though, but there will be some fights where you are better off in caster form using wands of magic missile and whatnot.)

Levels: Huntsmaster 3 will let you share your teamwork feats with your companion. It will give you Shield of Faith to buff him, improve your initiative considerably, grant you the community domain and give you a modest bonus to perception.

Monk 2 gives you 2 feats, flurry of blows (which works in wild shape by the way), Wis to AC, Evasion.

Vivisectionist 2 gives you longer duration on mutagen, the ability to cast shield on yourself, and on your pet with infusion, and sneak attacks.

Druid 13 gives you level 7 spells and +3 against fey. Level 7 spells include Legendary Proportions which is quite insane with Wild Shape and True Seeing to tackle invisible enemies. (Just remember you need dinosaur bones to cast it)

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