The mind boggles at the ruthlessness of the population.

Pasting my message to her, before she blocked me without a word

I'm not going to message/talk to you after this. But I just want you to know, from the lack of clean clothes to shouting me that drink (which originally I was going to shout you on Sunday before we made other plans), that nothing that happened the other night was something I hadn't warned you about, that Sunday I'd be in a better place to see you. But I came the other day anyway, because I didn't think it was a date, I thought you were aware that I was just coming out of a bad place after literally less than a week ago I got diagnosed with shit I'm still totally having trouble coming to terms with. I thought we were meeting to get to know each other. Kmart seemed to be somewhere we endeded up in, and as far as I was aware, we were having a laugh, and it provided topics on conversation on the movies etc.

I'm sorry I gave you such a shit experience that night, and had I actually been in any way, ANYTHING but respectful, polite, kind and open with you, I could understand your post turning me into one big joke. But no, I guess out of everything we spoke about, every time I wished you a good day, or anything were just laughing at me behind a screen. You have no idea quite how much youve hurt me by putting that post up. For the first time in 2 years I had started to look up, to get out the house and face my fears. You've hurt my trust, my emotions, what little self respect I'd managed to gather back up.

If we ever happen to be in the same room for any reason, please don't try and even make eye contact with me, if you talk to anyone around me I shall simply walk away.

All I ever have asked from anyone is a tiny little bit of respect. So yeah, thanks, and goodbye.

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