Damn, that looks professional. You talk about mental disorders - they are not alike.

Animal models are not that applicable to humans, guess why?

Similarities of the basic NS doesnt transalte to cortex similarities or parts of the brain that are more advanced. PNF of humans is more developed - and the PNF is a big part of bain human. The sure, amygdala, cerbellum, etc.. can be similar - but mental disorders are not about insticts, rather on processing and complex structures.

For example, pavlovs simple conditioning is modelled on dogs. Although it kinda works in humans, its not nearly to the same extent.

Pets... Self aware emotionally developed life - what??

First, self awareness is complex. Its not fully established when a baby becomes self aware, let alone animals. Mirror tests are not great and its difficult to establish.

Emotionally developed... Just no. They have simple emotions (happiness, anger, etc..) but probably not complex emotions. I will give you that its again not 100% sure, but they are definitwly not 'emotionallh developed' to the degree of a human.

Froma quick check, the link you gives just shows simple interventions based on conditioning. I wonder why you wouldnt have mindfullness-based inteverventions with a cat... (Just to give an example). -- before ppl bring it up, there are also 'simple interventions' for humans (EMDR, exposure,etc..) but the majority are not - plus it doesnt invalidate my point.

Forthe idea of giving medications to alter brain functioning, i wonder if you know how those drugs work because obv they would work on another animal with a similar NS, but that doesnt show anything. Having NTs is not proof that they are as complex as humans.

Really, i might not be an expert but I know what I am talking about when I mention mental disorders.

Oh, and I can love my dog as a dog (dont have a cat). I dont need to believe he is more complex than he is to appreciate him. A dog is a pet, not a child or a human friend - stop humanizing pets.

Also, stop talking about mental health disorders. What did you say? Inform yourself before talking. I am actually studying now for an exam on behavioural genetics, so I guess I have an idea (again, not an expert) of what I am saying. Mental disorders are really not due to issues at the chromosome level, rather many genes have additive influences on risk for disorders. Oh, and there is no proof for the evolutionary crap you mentioned for mental disorders.

Back to studying now. Cheers.

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