Mine is personally, Part 6

shitpost aside it’s between Part 4 and 6. Part 6 ending was such a unique way to end the part, let alone the whole verse. The final stand with Jotaro and Joylne along with Emporio coming in clutch was amazing imo. And the My name is Emporio panel broke my heart. The final chapter is controversial with some but I think it was an amazing way to end the main universe.

Part 4 is a lot of peoples favorites. Kira’s fate was incredibly satisfying following how many people he’s killed, the Josuke & Joseph small bond at the end, Jotaro just Jotaro, and finally the sad factor that is Hayato. He cared for his mom so much and expressed that he’d wait for him to return from work. and Finally Reimi’s ending and contribution.

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