Yep yep that's my point I was getting at. You don't understand why PoE is relevant to the point I was trying to make because you see GH as a much better example of that, which I understand. I just happen to disagree is all. This is how I see it, with guitar hero you get the jist of what to do by watching once or twice, and then the practice to become good part comes in. As for PoE, even if familiar with the game genre, you're still thrown into the game (up until very recently without much of a tutorial) and it takes you making the effort to play a lot, or to watch streamers or to read online or a combination of all three to truly understand how to make a good build and play the game at a high level. Those 3 things are part of what I was trying to get at with the whole time invested thing. With Guitar Hero I found it to be pretty much just practice enough and you'll get good. Which in itself is a time investment as well, but not to the extent that I see PoE is. You still may disagree in which case we could just leave it at that.

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