Minimalist blocked me, just because I asked an uncomfortable question

Bravo Minimalist. It seems all you care about is gaining marketing mileage and sensationalism at any cost. Even if that involves dragging someone’s private life onto a public platform.

Your point seems to be that my private life makes me biased somehow. Allow me to respond.

As an individual I saw your IG post on my feed yesterday. It seemed off to me, so I posted a query. Your team replied with a response that made little sense to me, so I persevered with my query. And then you blocked me.

The comprehensive reply that you just wrote on Reddit could have been given to me on IG as well yesterday. No?

You forced me to post on Reddit, after you blocked me and refused to answer my legitimate question. Now you are playing the victim card. Why?

You waited for a whole day before replying, perhaps hoping this Reddit post does not gain traction. And when it did, you try to malign me to divert attention, since you obviously cannot delete my Reddit post.

In bad taste - thats all I can say about your approach.

Remember, just like you are an individual who can ask for Kojic Acid advice on Reddit while working for Minimalist, I am also an individual who can share my independent thoughts here (that too after you force my hand).

Regarding your Safety Test response, Indian cosmetic standards are quite lax and drafted without keeping the consumer in mind. This is a common gripe on this sub-reddit, please do your research. Therefore just following outdated standards to the T doesn’t make you a great brand like the TO. Go over and above the letter of the law, to become truly great.

My original point was simple - your testing sample seems statistically insignificant. And the time period of 8 days, far too short to capture any long term potential harm (say in a 30-40 day usage period).

But I want to end this episode of trying to have a rational conversation with your brand here politely. Otherwise you will perhaps find another way of playing the victim card and prolonging this debate.

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