Ministerial trio to make abject apology to court to head off contempt charge

Too late. Get a load of what these people did not say in court because they did not attend. No apology. Regret written in such as way as to be heard to mean "regret the court made a fuss".

To include the attribution ©Supreme Court of Victoria with any link to this footage

Three people with LAW DEGREES co-ordinated a public attack on the reputation of the court sub judice ( how hinch got those people off ) to influence public perception of the future outcome of a case and undermine the reputation rule of law.

Given how important I think rule of law is to democracy one has to question the commitment of those opposed to the orderly rule of law to democracy.

The day after the scandal members of the government indicated they supported the attempt to bring the court into disrepute. Either in a distressing display of either ignorance such that it must be cause to reconsider their suitability of this government at all, or joining in the planned attack on the rule of law. This is no simple debate.

The legislature gets lobbied- It is responsible for making law to reflect community needs. No part of their job is to lobby judges to reach politically biased rulings in current court cases.

The next day other members of the government indicated they also felt their job is to lobby the judiciary for biased outcomes. One did mention NOT sub judice.

The PM of the day used his verbal IQ to appear to call on the Victorian premier to interfere with the separation of powers - without actually doing so . I have every faith the public appearance of the message and not the wording was the communication sought. Just as the wording on his medicare promise allowed him to continue with plans to gradually replace single payer with managed care medicare.

The government of our day deliberately planned to undermine public confidence in the rule of law. And would not back down.

At a time where we have unprecedented lack of trust in society . neolib poll: BCA

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