Ministers plan legal requirement for broadcasters to make ‘clearly British’ shows like Only Fools and Horses

Just a reminder. The title for “only fools and horses” derives from the phrase “only fools and horses work for a living” and the show focuses on people who try to get rich by any means necessary, including selling dodgy goods and lying.

Hmmmm, sounds pretty British to me, I’m sure boris agrees when he uses taxpayers money to fund his extramartial affairs and when he wrote scathing articles attacking working class individuals for being…poor?

Except instead of selling off dodgy goods, Boris sells off our economy and health service to companies and other countries, whilst raising taxes that impact the poorest in our society. All in the pursuit of grifting, handing off contracts to his mates to do a sub-par job and condoning sub-contracting done by companies who are willing to put people’s health at risk to turn a profit.

Keep it up Boris, you’re acting like a right Del-Boy, maybe one day you’ll have enough money to survive, I know you said it’s torture being on £160,000 a year, I’m sure the starving family who are having their benefits cut by your billionaire Chancellor of the Exchequer can relate too.*1w7f2es*_ga*YW1wLUpQQ0NMaGMzTTlBaXY1TXBaR3I5TGs3NDFwVnlpckNkOTJGQTc4THFfWUlsV0Y0RmdlbGc0clR5dTQ1VzNGVlc.

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