Minor balance update

For those that can't see:

There is NO WIPE with this update. This is a set of minor adjustments, while we clean up the build for a major patch for next week. Note: This not include Lockstep yet, although I am hoping we can get something up next week.

This is not a comprehensive list of changes, just some highlights.

  • Further adjustments to chance of Torment Spirits occurring.
  • Vigilant Strike no longer has the Duration tag.
  • Several Aura reservations costs have been reduced.
  • Enlighten now has a mana multiplier instead of affecting gem experience gain.
  • Reduced Mana now no longer affects the mana cost multiplier, it just has reduced mana cost stat & Quality (so will not affect Aura reservations).
  • Enhance now has 115% mana Cost Multiplier.
  • Fixed Impact Sounds not being on the Maraketh Two Hand Swords & Two Hand Maces.
  • Reduced local crit on the Maraketh Two Handed Axes.
  • Hook Swords have had their implicit changed, slowed in speed.
  • Frostwall has changed, there may be further changes.
  • Reduced the amount of overkill damage turned into Ignite and the radius on herald of Ash.
  • Chaos Golem balance has been adjusted.
  • Damage adjusted on Arctic breath.
  • Flameblast adjusted slightly (denerfed slightly in light of other changes).
  • Freezing pulse damage adjusted.
  • Skill Balance on Sweep, Ball Lightning and Ice Nova.
  • Clarity has been rebalanced.
  • Balance changes to the explosion damage of Dominus' demons in higher difficulties.
  • Adjustments to crit on bows and staves.
  • Adjusted Mana Costs and increased the radius of Rain of Arrows.
  • Elemental Hit now has additional chance to cause status ailments. Damage changes (likely improved) are yet to come.
  • Several changes have been made to Jewels, however the rework of rare jewel mods is not yet ready.
  • Added currency items to Act 4 vendors these are currently a copy of the Act 3 currency vended currency.
  • Reduced area of effect on Lightning Tendrils.
  • The two passives prior to the Smashing Strikes notable have had their values swapped, the Critical Strike Chance and Damage were the wrong way around.
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