Minsk Agreements Alternatives

The basic weakness in all these 4 proposals the assumption that other countries are willing step up their support for Ukraine. Western countries don't even sell weapons to Ukraine, because they don't want Ukraine to have the possibility to act on it's own and escalate the conflict.

In my opinion Ukraine has two options:

  1. continue as usual and accept frozen conflict, hope that Russia will weaken (this is option I suggest)
  2. test Russian resolve and ignore the advice from the West.

Ukraine has several million people fit for military service and only 70,000 men are currently serving. Ukraine has never treated the conflict like real war with mass mobilization and intensive fighting because, the West don't want it and there is fear that Russians respond in kind. To answer Andriy Voloshyn's question "Can you imagine what France would do?", that's what France would do. If Ukraine is not willing to do that, only way forward is to wait or give Russia what it wants.

ps. Using the world terrorism to describe what is happening in Donbass is silly play with words.

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