Minttu Räikkönen and Maurizio Arrivabene after Kimi got Pole Position

Dunno apparently Sergio Marchionne was also a bit critical of him when he was trying to pull the team along like Schumi I guess. Yeah we can never know the credibility of the source but it's true that Red Bull had his back in a way Ferrari don't quite. Plus it's also probably accurate both Ferrari and Mercedes tried to sign Max in 2017. Ferrari have done a great job this year this year and are edging Mercedes, but it's also true Mercedes are almost matching them without having quite as good a fuel or harnessing the turbo mgu-h loophole Ferrari have innovated so well around or changing their aero concept. This year will probably be Seb's best chance to win in Ferrari. If Honda match Ferrari and Mercedes by 2020 end I can see him returning to Red Bull (Swap with Max?) as long as Newey is there.

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