Mirotime unboxing.

Mirotime has been slacking. This is the 4th watch I see this month that is simply unacceptable. Imagine paying $500 for an item only to receive it dead on arrival. WHO IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE?

This is a “trusted” seller and i think there should be a higher standard. These are not entert level reps. I’m not even going to bring up the issue that is misleading QC that hides watch flaws. Do not try and convince me once the seller has the watch in hand, they can’t spot glaring flaws only in hopes that a not very picky person will just GL.

The “solutions” they offer after they refuse to do anything about it and the customer has to whine on Reddit for attention are disgusting. “Oh your $500 watch is not working, I’m sorry but here is a $20 voucher for you next purchase as repercussion”.

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