Misinterpreting Mary Koss?

Posts like this really drive me nuts, so I did a lot more digging than I usually do.

First things first, consider the source. “Widwest Hatred” and “Tumblr” are words that immediately make me question legitimacy, but I gave them to benefit of the doubt since they used sources. So I checked those.

Of the two sources listed, one is a journal article actually published by Koss in 1993. I read the entire report (23 pages) and there was nothing even remotely similar to what the link you provided is trying to say. Her article actually focused on rape reporting for BOTH genders. The source I’m referring to is very clearly listed on the link you provided.


The other listed source is for a podcast episode. I clicked the link, nothing popped up. I googled the name of the podcast, and the episode was not available. I even went to YouTube to find it on there and couldn’t find anything.

Based off the study I read and her Wikipedia page, I highly doubt the quotes from your link are actually hers. It doesn’t fit the profile. If she didn’t believe men could be raped, why would she include them in her rape studies?

Maybe it’s just a pet peeve of mine, but this information could have easily been found by following the sources listed in your post. To answer your question, no...I don’t think this was taken out of context...it’s a made up quote altogether.

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