I miss the "everything is so new" feeling I had the first couple years I played WoW (and at some other times during my time playing).

I started playing during beta and have stuck with WoW for the most part throughout. The only time I quit was mid-Cataclysm to mid-Pandaria. Cataclysm broke me. As I aged, I had less time to devote. They ramped up the difficulty of heroic dungeons so gearing up felt incredibly frustrating with PUGs and then the whole thing felt very inaccessible. Even PvP was a no-go area because trying to gear up meant spending weeks being killed by people already kitted out and you're barely able to dent their hp.

Returning to WoW in MoP had the very opposite effect, especially the Timeless Isle. It opened up the game on a far more casual level, especially with an entire expansion with LFR, allowing me to see all the content one way or the other, something I wouldn't even have dreamed about years ago after quitting raiding in TBC.

Now I feel like there's not a whole lot left for me, like I am clinging on in hopes that a future patch will add something fun to do. The garrison campaign was great, I'd love more of that and levelling in WoD was by far the greatest it has ever been in any expansion. The dungeons are well designed and LFR is truly a tourist mode, so you aren't faced with 5 stacks of determination just to see Garrosh Hellscream in Orgrimmar. But beyond that, I am really not doing anything.

In the past week I found myself creating about 4 different warriors, levelling them to 15 and just tanking dungeons with them. I wasted hours doing this, got to around level 35 and dropped them, made a new race and did it again. I was suddenly hit by what I was doing. As a casual player I was desperate for something to do. Ashran is a dead zone, my Garrison followers collect gold for me and the work orders collect mats for me. I tried pet battles and immediately got the urge to go play Pokemon, so I did.

People are welcome to accuse me for being a filthy casual and don't really have a right to be bothered by this. I fully admit that if I weren't casual, I could join my guild in raiding again and have something to do. MoP just felt like there was still something to do though, whether it was farming for mats, doing scenarios and dungeons for points or increasing reputations. Now my garrison farms mats passively and every reputation has almost no benefit.

Again, I am fully aware that I am casual and therefore completely cut out a large chunk of content because of it. This is just my experience though, I am very self-aware of how dumb I am.

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