Miss Greece Praised for Boycotting Miss Universe in Israel, There's Only One Issue... She is not Miss Greece

The whole story is hilarious. For some reason I had too much time on hands, so I found out that Plastira did win Star Hellas in 2019 (but not 2021), but the selection for Miss Universe this year is done by Star Hellas GS, which is a different contest (idk why) and recently acquired the license for Miss Universe. This was won by another woman, who dropped out for health reasons and was replaced.

Greece hasn't participated in Miss Universe since 2018: but if they had, Plastira would have attended Miss Universe 2019. So it's possible Plastira was promised to be Miss Universe back then but nothing came of it. There's no reason why this year Star Hellas GS would nominate a winner from a different contest two years ago. The oldest reference I could find to her dropping out was from 2020, and she didn't win that year so she wouldn't have been selected for Miss Universe anyway.

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