[A] Missouri health director quits over harassment for telling the truth about pandemic

I didn't say there was no correlation. I said that education credentials and job title don't eliminate you from being a victim of propaganda.

It's not as cut and dry, black and white as everyone wants to act like it is. Here is a perfect example. Look up the lists of unaccredited school systems in major cities in the US. Look up the dollar per student funding for inner city schools/racial/minorities/rural districts/etc. Why is it that if the main problem here is education, that the areas with the absolute worst schooling and literally no ability to provide satisfactory education, let alone attract high quality teaching, are almost all in areas that vote blue and are currently strongly in favor of mask mandates and restrictions?

It's not about education. That's an easy cop out. It's always an easy cop out. That's why it's brought up in every debate and nothing is ever done about it.

The problem is beyond that. This is a social issue.

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