Misunderstandings about why solos are a very good thing

Think this is a good place for the meta legend discussion. I main wraith, I almost exclusively main wraith. However, I don't think she's anywhere near as OP as non-wraithers think.

The damage correction is quite large, using her alt ability is far from instantaneous and plenty of times it takes to long to enter the void when you truly need it. Also you're easily tracked when in the void. Ridiculous cool down time as well. And for her abilities she's not even the best at what they have to offer.

I think mirage now has a better evade, and pathfinder is better at bussing teammates around. So in none of her intended abilities is she #1.

Add in the fact that every time I don't play wraith I seem to always get minimum 1500 dmg when not in ranked.

I grinded up to diamond in about 10 days so I don't think im some bot with an opinion either. I think strong players lean toward wraith mostly because she's psychologically the meta, this wraith has a high win rate, thus wraith is the meta, thus the cycle continues.

Wraith isn't good, wraith players are good.

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