Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins make a surprise visit to Kyiv

(witness his use of social media and the careful curation of his image and message when he addresses different audiences)

Literally grandmaster speechcraft. I've listened to him address multiple parliaments; he always understands who he is talking to and has a concrete plan for "getting through" to them.

What strikes me about the overall Ukrainian diplomatic strategy, exemplified by Zelenskyy and his team, is to identify concrete actions, concrete aid, or at least concrete results (which will then require concrete actions or concrete aid to accomplish). He seems to refuse to leave a room with a foreign politician without getting something real out of them. I'm watching them do it this way, thinking to myself "What the F was diplomacy about before!?"

I see so many useless politicians make so many useless declarations of things that will never happen, I've become entirely accustomed to it and expect it from everyone. Then Zelenskyy basically bulldozed my complacency. I now demand actual useful discussion and not merely flinging empty platitudes around from diplomatic talk... I am sure I will be disappointed, but my goalposts have moved. I know what effective diplomacy looks like now. It's when you have a reason to meet and the photo op isn't the goal.

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