Mitchell Miller no longer a part of UND hockey team

UND prez's response seems to fall pretty flat. "involved in a situation as a youth in 2016" doesn't begin to imply the severity of what he did. Plus, they already knew this shit happened, decided to sweep it under the rug, and now that public outcry has pretty much forced them to retract him from the university's hockey program, they decide full and well that they're happy to continue taking his money and keeping him around like a social pariah? Gimme a fucking break.

They learned nothing except how to do the bare minimum to get themselves out of critical spotlight. As another twitter user posted, this is nothing new for this university, going back to 1988 when they received an endowment of $5 million dollars from an insensitive asshole that threw Hitler-themed birthday parties. They knew and still took the money anyways:

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