Mitt Romney accuses Tulsi Gabbard of ‘treasonous lies’ that ‘may cost lives’ over Russia’s Ukraine invasion

Ukraine has and uses biolabs that the US Department of Defense is invested in. The DoD specifically formed an agreement stating just that in August of 2005. The agreement also specifically states that included in the labs' capabilities is the POTENTIAL to use the labs to develop biological weapons. That DOES NOT mean that they are "US owned bioweapons labs". It does mean that there are labs operated by the Ukrainian government, supported by funding and expertise from the US DoD, and that the labs were explicitly given the green light to research and develop biological weapons. Regardless of so called "Russian disinformation", those facts are concerning and if the US DoD and Ukraine did not use these types of labs to begin with, it would be far less concerning that Russia could obtain weapons from them.

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