Mixed views out there about what sign Pluto is exalted in. Aries, Pisces or Leo?

The website you linked has a list of all the signs ordered most feminine to least feminine, and it lists Pisces as the most feminine sign. Which kinda just further emphasizes the original question. Seems kinda weird to consider Scorpio more feminine than Pisces.

And that was more of a side note anyway. My main point was that the comparison you're making is needlessly reductive. You're trying to make a case for Pluto's exaltation in Leo based on their respective prowess in some hypothetical power struggle, in an attempt to make them seem the same? Or equal? I don't exactly why the comparison is being drawn. They are fundamentally different universal forces that each play unique structural and archetypal roles in each human's psyche and experience. Why not just understand the function each independently plays? Instead of creating scenarios that allow you to categorize them in a similar way and negate their innate strengths and identity

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