MLB’s commissioner says the Native American community is “wholly supportive” of the Atlanta Braves marketing (including the Tomahawk Chop). The National Congress of American Indians responds, and r/baseball has some hot takes

It's honestly amazing just how terrible Manfred is as a commissioner. He's fucked up so many times and you can just add this one to the list. Like how fucking dumb is that when he said "the MLB doesn't market nationally"? Just a seriously stupid lie. Also there was just zero reason to defend the Braves' racist ass chop. I've heard the Braves org has actually been trying to get rid of the chop but the fans just keep doing it. Not even the team wants it to happen. There's just no excuse for turning a currently and historically oppressed group into a caricature. It straight up borders on mocking them. Native people in this country are in a horrible position still and a significant portion of them live in terrible poverty. The very least you can do is show some respect and not treat them like a mascot to parade around and mock, fucking especially when it comes from a multi-billion dollar organization that could easily change their name and practices.

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