Mobilizing the masses - Canadian Parliament: Say NO to Bill C-51.

Our small team is currently working on filming a PSA video to bring awareness to the issue. We need all the advice, suggestions and help we can get to make the script for this thing pitch-perfect.

The current script is:

Bill C-51 PSA Video

February 26, 2015 12:34 PM

...Hook with fact-based scare tactics. Think "worst-case scenario" where peaceful protest is an act of terror - or the redistribution of ISIS propaganda for criticism and debate is an act of terror.

Alluding to G20, what happens if police are given the same rights, only now able to incarcerate you for terrorist acts against "a stable and democratic Canadian society" then hammer, hammer, hammer people with only facts.

Straight facts from Bill C-51, accompanied with critical analysis from legal scholars, critics, etc. Wrap up with an assessment of which parties are doing what with the bill, a call to action for our generation and some sort of sentimental inspirational plug, closing with a link to the petition. ...


Setup: One table in empty white room (maybe have relevant banners, posters in background?)

[Enter Doug with printed copy (All 74 pages) of Bill C-51]

[Doug walks to chair @ table, turns to look at camera]

"This monstrous document [Holding up C-51] is Bill C-51. It's stupidly long because Prime Minister Harper doesn't want the average Canadian like you or me to be able to understand the damn thing."

[Doug slams the document down onto the table]

"Well we've read the document, and we're pretty pissed off and here's why you should be too:

[Insert graphics, texts to the side with narration on top]

1. Sweeping bill granting CSIS the ability to 'disrupt activities in the name of terrorism', and police to detain suspect individuals with intent to pursue terrorist acts, with a vague definition to what "terrorism" even is. 
    a. The definition of terrorism includes anything that "attacks Canada's critical infrastructure, economy and stable society". 

What does this mean? Well, worst case scenario it means that what I'm doing right now - speaking out against Bill C-51 as allowed in my Charter rights to share such information with you the citizen - can be considered an act of terrorism against our government.

To be fair, Harper has a good defence for this

[Play video where Minister _________ argues that the end of section 2 of the Bill states, "For greater certainty, it does not include lawful advocacy, protest, dissent and artistic expression]

Well, lets see how that's worked out for Canadians so far

[Video of G20 protests, police 'kettling' techniques, police brutality cases, and government cutting funding to liberal, leftist NGOs]

This government has already put the priorities of one over the concerns of many - imagine now a Canada where CSIS and military police can do anything to 'defend Canada from terrorism'".

2. Further grants the government ability to censor the internet of "terrorist propaganda". 
    a. Again, this could be anything from reproducing terrorist propaganda to educate Canadian citizens on events in the Middle East, to declaring material denouncing government policies as acts of terror. 

"The reality is that this government is deceiving us all. This is not in the best interests of Canadians. This is an election-season gimmick and we are ALL being used as PAWNS in their political agenda.

The Prime Minister is a FEAR MONGER and an ISLAMOPHOBE. [Play video of him preaching that the enemy are islamic jihadists who only hate Canadians, our values and way of life and wish to see it destroyed]

The truth is, this administration is desperately attempting to jump-start their re-election campaign. They want to DIVIDE US and make us FEAR EACH OTHER so that we poor, unfortunate, defenceless Canadians can elect a strong, confident leader. Using our fear as grounds for infringing our Charter rights. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PLOY.

We believe that in 2015, we have socially evolved beyond 1900s fear mongering, deception and mass hysteria as a means of dealing with SERIOUS issues that affect REAL LIVES.

[Play videos where Stephen Harper has done the exact opposite]

We believe that the issue of terrorism, must be addressed BOTH immediately AND for the long-term. Yes, we must introduce legislation which prohibits acts of terror but said legislation MUST be peer reviewed, properly debated and edited - with parliamentary oversight

[Play videos where Stephen Harper has done the exact opposite]

We believe that radicalization CAN be prevented through investment into the communities commonly affected: at-risk, low-income and disenfranchised communities, families and persons. GIVE THEM THE PERSONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, ECONOMIC AND PHYSICAL SUPPORT THEY DESERVE AS CANADIANS SO THAT THEY DO NOT FALL FOR THE DECEPTIONS OF RADICALIZATION.

[Play videos where Stephen Harper has done the exact opposite]

Without fear, without intimidation, without senseless prejudice - we can fight terrorism and radicalization, together, as UNITED NOT DIVIDED CANADIANS.

Stand up with us in our call for Conservative, NDP, Liberal, Green and Independent Members of Parliament to STRIKE DOWN BILL C-51. Support us on Twitter and Facebook by sharing your thoughts and concerns with #cdnpoli #IdleNoMore #StrkDwnC51

Sign the petition and letter to the Federal Government of Canada today at [link].

"All our lives we were told we were careless, blind and apathetic. That we would never rise up and fight an injustice, an affront to our Canadian democracy. It is time that we stand united and resist with our every capability Bill C-51, and every single MP that says Yes to it.


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