Mod AMAs!

Prepare your rectums for I bring the questions

Personal Question

  1. Why are you still here? I'm not saying this out of spite. A number of mods over the last few months left thanks to the level of hate and anger the main subreddit showed. Why are the rest of you still sticking around? What was your motivation which gave you the strength to withstand the cleansing flames of destruction? Was it your faith? Is that why you're still here?

  2. You and the rest of the mod team disagree with a major decision or with what you see. How do you address this. Asides from, you know, taking a bunch of screenshots of Skype conversations and forwarding them to a journalist who MAY OR MAY NOT have a vendetta against you. Or are you all such Nazis you just go "HEIL BUCKEYE" and follow his every order.

  3. What kind of mod tools would you like to see added, and why would they be beneficial.

  4. What is your definition of the "Perfect League of Legends subreddit"

General Meta Contextual Questions

  1. What are the biggest issues currently plaguing the subreddit, and how, in both the long and short run, do you plan to resolve these issues?

  2. Any news on the new subreddit look (/r/lolcsstest).

  3. There was talk when this subreddit (/r/leagueofmeta) started of community moderators. I don't think it is necessary at this point, but I'm wondering if that is still on the radar for you guys.

  4. This subreddit (/r/leagueofmeta) has been successful in creating a platform where we can discuss the state of the subreddit without everything getting drowned out in a sea of harassment. How much of an impact has this subreddit had on the mod team's general attitude and atmosphere.

  5. This removal left a sour taste in everyone's mouths. While it's necessary for the current state of moderation, these kinds of posts really make the subreddit feel like more of a discussion board than a community. What is the overall feeling of the mod teams on this, and, in the ideal world, would you allow this kind of post to go through despite it breaking the rules. If you would, what would need to happen for such a world to exist where the mods can be lenient in such cases and not get red wedding'd.

  6. gyfcat are donezo. While I understand the mod team wants to keep a balance of power between easy to digest content and large articles and posts, hasn't it swung too far in the other direction now? Is there no way to resolve this?

  7. The heck is the purpose of this AMA exactly? Isn't this whole subreddit a massive mod AMA? Like, every single question I asked above can be a post on it's own.

Super Absolute Serious Black xtreme Omfg Questions

  1. If I asked "Can I have the subreddit and becomes supreme ruler of the league of legends community?", would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question?

  2. If things all go to shit can we use /u/IcyColdStare as a sacrifice?

  3. Duo?

  4. Who has the best memes. I want to see a moderator meme off!

  5. If the mod team were the Avengers who would be which character.

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