Mod Osbourne, do you remember what you said about MTX 1 year ago?

Please Mod Osbourne I'm literally begging you, help fix the state of MTX in this game. I don't want to watch RS3 die like this.

There is literally nothing he can do. What Osbourne and other Jmods say is damage control, their hand is forced when it comes to the revenue of the game. You think people who have been with Jagex for 10-15 years are enjoying this? They'd stop it if they could, but they can't.

I'm sorry, but these posts and others do not understand the day that chinese mining company completed their acquisition over Jagex, there was no going back. It was probably the deal of a lifetime as Jagex as a company, and they knew what they were going to get into. Things like TH being on games are illegal iirc in China so that's why RS/Jagex was probably their first choice to buy. They already had a microstraction model that was raking in millions, and now they've built upon it.

It's shitty for us the players, but blaming/quoting people who are merely puppets (and have been for quite some time) is pointless. MTX will never stop, and will likely get worse as time goes on. The only unrealistic way it would stop is if RS mobile did very well and some other company made an offer to buy Jagex. Otherwise I don't see why the mining company would sell.

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