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It's not even about women's health. It's about health care in general.

We advertise for "treatments" for a variety of conditions from cancer related drugs, to depression, erectile dysfunction, prostate exams, mammograms, eye care and hearing, physiotherapy and regular testing for STDs/STIs.

It makes sense in the term of health care to take care of things related to the body's health. Having a woman be forced to bear a child which was conceived through the act of a violent attack is cruel. Likewise, even though a man cannot "bear a child" through pregnancy, a man should not have to bear the responsibility of caring for a child that was conceived under guise of deception or trickery (the whole "poking holes in the condom" sort of stuff).

If you fuck someone and you are 100% aware of your actions then responsibility is 100% on those two people to properly ensure and protect against the course of STD/STIs or even Pregnancy. I agree.

Abortion is not a game. It's not to be thought of as a "9 Abortion, get your 10th one free!" sort of deal. It is a legitimate medical health care procedure. As with any surgery it should not be taken lightly nor should it be used as a "Plan B". The "after pill" is something that is now being used more widespread however it's my own personal opinion that attention should be better paid towards preventing these situations. Proper sexual education is something that is required desperately.

Be anti-"preventable pregnancy". Start funding better sexual education so the kids who ARE getting pregnant, and later the adults who are engaging in sexual activities, can properly guard against having to use either "the After Pill" or Abortion Clinics, and maybe...just maybe, we might be able to avoid Idiocracy.

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