[Mod Request] Bounty Hunter/Vigilante/ Hard to beat dude that tracks you down

I'm not sure what mod it is, but I do have high level bounty hunters coming after me in my game. It actually only happened once, I had killed a guy near riften and just tried avoiding the town for a while but a guy named "bounty hunter" and I'm thinking he was riding a horse so it might have been a mounted combat mod, but I may be mixing it up and he wasn't on a horse. Anyway there are mods with that.

I don't like combat music unless its a major battle so I have a combat music mod where its basically silence if there is an attack- everything goes quiet except effects and then the glorious combat music comes when I am fighting a named dragon or a boss of some kind.

In my game, I use a tweaked realistic combat damage mod and Deadly Dragons + Dragon Combat overhaul plus a mod where dragons aren't usually hostile right off the bat. They fly around and if someone hits them with an arrow it will attack. They still attack animals and shit and sometimes they will attack out of nowhere but rarely and of course the scripted ones still attack. Anyway my point is, with realistic combat a Dragon can kill you in two seconds and its very hard to kill them. You need to use strategy or you need to run, getting hit with any fire is almost an instant death. NO standing right up against it swinging the sword 100 times while it chomps you a hundred times.

Fighting is also a lot more intense with melee enemies. You need to block, and I forget which mod it is I think Skyre with a skyre tweaked Blocking mod, but blocking keeps you from getting damage but it drains stamina and you'll drop your shield. You have to do blocking, bashing and stagger your opponents in order to get the killing stroke which almost always has a unique animation through the Dance of Death mod. Needless to say, if I am confronted by several guys out in the open or a big fast creature or something, its better to run than to reload a hundred times trying to beat them and increases immersion and rp.

My whole spiel was just to say there are a shit ton of mods and you can basically tweak the game and mods to however you like with some basic knowledge.

I get that its not an invincible npc chasing you, but it is possible, if anyone wanted to do that, but the exciting type gameplay you are looking for you can get by going real hardcore with realism and combat damage.

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