[Modern] Thopter-Sword Tezzeret just top 8'd a Montreal open

Hi I'm the pilot of this deck, lot of good questions you guys have! I've been playing this deck for a while and this is the most tuned version I've come to. First of all yes there is many mana sources, but the deck is mana hungry since it only plays 2 drops and up! keep in mind that Crane, tezzeret , inventors fair and the combo enables you to card advantage and selection which prevents flooding out. there is 22 artifacts you probably missed the darksteel citadels. more the one out of 3 cards are artifacts so crane for 4 cards or tezz for 5 cards hits the vast majority of the time. Thought-knot seer is our main disruption(with chalice) and between temple SSG and Mox opal it's a quite reliant turn 2-3 play. There is few removal because it is not needed, between 5/5's from tezz, Crane, TKS, Spellskite and the combo we have a lots of good blockers. for more combo oriented creatures chalice, spellskite and TKS provides good protection. You want to bring Reality smasher against any deck that you need a clock or any decks that you suspect artifact hate, siding out artifacts for them leaves them with dead cards while you bash for 5. Even stony silence is not that good against us since we have smashers and tezz minus ability to punish them for not progressing the board on turn 2. The deck is really performing against the aggressive decks like Burn/affinity/ death's shadow aggro/ infect. harder match up are go wide strategy that are not vulnerable to chalice and 1/1 blockers like elves and merfolk. If you have other questions I'll be happy to answer!

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